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Days of Wrath On Which Side Will You Stand?

December 3, 2008

Days of Wrath – On Which Side Will You Stand?

Developer discloses more information

Foxy Films and Bay Area based game developer United Coders announced in September they had entered an agreement to develop a video game based on the movie “Days Of Wrath”, and in October they further announced the first gaming platform was Microsoft Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

The developer has now revealed the initial game download will feature the playable cities of Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Other cities are planned to be developed in the future and released as separately purchased add-on packs, and those cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

The four gangs available to play are the Triple-7s (featured in the film version of Days of Wrath), the Rollin Hustlers (urban gangsters with one foot in the world of Hip Hop and one foot in the grave), the Red Menace (old school Eastern European organized crime) and finally the Hellcats (an all girl gang).

Regardless of which gang you choose to play, your objective is clear: To become the most powerful gang in the country! Each gang will have unique strengths and weaknesses; you must take over and control the other gangs, using whatever means necessary – violence, extortion, corruption, drugs, money, and weapons.

The “Days Of Wrath” game is scheduled for a spring release 2009, and a trailer of the movie can be viewed by visiting

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