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Daylight dev: 'Developing for PS4 is amazing'


Zombie Studios Creative Director Andre Maguire has described developing for the PlayStation for as "amazing." While this sort of comment is to be expected -- especially in an interview posted to the PlayStation Blog -- it's always fun to hear when developers weigh in on the next-gen conversation.

"Developing for PS4 is amazing — combined with UE4, it’s the perfect match," said Maguire. "The controller is incredibly high quality, which is great for a first-person game experience. We’re finding that players just feel that much more connected to the game world with it, which is great for horror."

Zombie Studios, developers of free-to-play shooter Blacklight Retribution, working on upcoming horror game, Daylight, for the PS4 and PC. In the game, players awake inside an abandoned hospital with only the light on their cellphone to guide them through the darkened halls. But what makes Daylight incredibly unique is that it's different every time you play it. That is because the game is designed with procedurally generated levels so that no two environments are the same.

Using the Share feature on the PS4 will allow you to capture your best scares in Daylight and share them with friends. "We're excited by how it's all coming together," Maguire said.

Maguire explained that the procedural creation of content in Daylight "allows for a massive amount of replayability, without feeling like you're experiencing the same scary moments over and over." It's also the reason the studio opted for the PS4. "The additional horsepower has opened up quite a few opportunities for us," he said.

Daylight is tentatively scheduled to release in early 2014. You can check out the full interview with Andre Maguire over on the PS Blog.

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