'' website 'unrelated to Halo' according to 343 Industries

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Has a new domain teased an upcoming Halo announcement? Quick answer: no.

Several Internet users came across this weekend, which appears to be related to Halo and Halo 5.

The domain features a countdown clock that is, at the time of writing, under the 24-hour mark, along with the Xbox One logo and a page banner that reads, “He returns…exclusively on Xbox One!”

With a quick search, we were quick to notice that the website was just created this past Friday and was registered in Panama. Both Microsoft and 343 Industries are located in the state of Washington, so it’s highly improbable they made the site.

dawnof2014 domain search

In addition, late Sunday night, 343 Industries community manager Jessica Shea dismissed the website with a tweet that simply reads, “We don’t comment on things unrelated to Halo. Sorry.”

Community Manager tweet

So, sorry folks, it doesn’t appear that a new Halo announcement is coming soon…or at least by way of

Source: [Twitter] 

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