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David Jaffe on Microsoft's Xbox One DRM reversal: 'What's not to love?'

David Jaffe


The story has been updated to include the full quote from David Jaffe (it is bolded below). It seems I had missed the last bit which was included in a separate Tweet. My apologies to David Jaffe and all of our readers. Thanks for bringing it to my attnetion. It was never my intention to make it sound like he was bashing the customers or used game market. Mistakes happen.


Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe may be too busy to make one of his always-entertaining vlogs about E3 and the latest Microsoft Xbox One controversy, but that hasn't stopped him from posting a few 140-character tweets on the subject.

"High concept is: what's not to love?" he offered. "A company listened to its customers (aka seeing they may be making some decisions that would cost them customers) and decided to change course."

"By not pre-ordering at the level Microsoft expected, customers were telling them 'we are not happy'. And they listened and responded -- sweet!

"I think that's fantastic cause that's how it's SUPPOSED to work. Plus it means more competition in the space which is great for almost everyone involved (certainly great for gamers and most game devs)! So I'm a fan!"

Of course, Jaffe couldn't get off that easy. When a user asked him about used games and Microsoft's decision to freely allow the lending, selling, trading, and playing of used games, Jaffe responded: "I still think the used game market is fucked and needs changing but again, I've always felt that's an issue that should never affect the customer and only be behind the scenes between publishers and retailers."

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