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David Crane Announces New Jungle Adventure Kickstarter Project

If you aren't in Las Vegas this weekend, then chances are you're missing out on the Classic Gaming Expo 2012, a place where old-school gamers and newcomers alike celebrate the older days of gaming, through retro arcade machines, home consoles and more.  Various celebrities are in attendance at the event, including music composer Tommy Tallarico, as well as Intellivision's Keith Robinson and most of his cohorts at Blue Sky Rangers.

But perhaps one of the most notable faces out at the event is David Crane, the creator of the 80's classic Pitfall!  This morning, Crane held a special session for attendees to talk about the upcoming 30th anniversary of the game (yes, it's that old), as well as a new project that is heavily inspired by the Atari 2600 classic -- a little something called Jungle Adventure.


Crane recently announced that he has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Jungle Adventure title (not a final name), and he's seeking $900,000 to handle development costs.  So far, the concept art behind the game looks very good, and the pitch video, which we've included below, does tell a bit more about what he has in mind.

Like any good Kickstarter set-up, there are a number of rewards available, including copies of the game, a visit to the development office and much more.  You can head over to this link: to learn more about Jungle Adventure.  So far, it's over $2,200 in funds, with 34 days to go.  If you feel like helping out, head on over.

And if you want to learn more about Classic Gaming Expo -- or just want to prepare yourself for next year's event -- head over to

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