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Dashboard Update Just the Beginning: Microsoft Requires Kinect Support for Future Xbox 360 Apps


The most recent dashboard update is the beginning of the future for the Xbox 360.  At least in terms of Xbox Kinect support.  Among the many cool, new features was a heavy focus on the Xbox Kinect integration with the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has allegedly told Kotaku that anyone looking to have their content on the Xbox "will need to make sure that users will be able to navigate with gestures or voice."

Microsoft is reportedly helping developers by providing tools to help index search terms for voice recognition and motion controls.  The ultimate goal is a Xbox standard for voice search across a multiple partner pipeline, potentially transferring to PC and mobile.

If this "requirement" is the new standard to develop for the Xbox 360, then it only strengthens the belief that Microsoft is committed to the Kinect and the inclusion of motion tracking in the future Xbox experience.  GIven the success and popularity of the Kinect, it's easy to see that the next-gen Xbox will include Kinect features as well.

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