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DarkStar One - Broken Alliance Goes Gold


Kalypso Media USA is pleased to announce that DarkStar One - Broken Alliance for the Xbox 360 has gone gold. The sci-fi game, which launches players into a deep-space combat adventure behind the helm of the unique and customizable DarkStar One spacecraft, is set for a North American retail release on July 20.

Ready to don your space-suit and blast into the adventure of a lifetime? DarkStar One – Broken Alliance is your chance to do just that, as it combines fast and furious in-the-cockpit starship combat with a deep storyline involving love, family, betrayal and mysterious alien races.

Play as Kayron Jarvis, a young and ambitious spacefaring adventurer as he attempts to unravel a family mystery, braving the depths of space, encounters mysterious aliens and blasts his enemies to dust in his uniquely customizable ship - the DarkStar One.

Developed by Gaming Minds Studio, part of the Kalypso Media Group, DarkStar One – Broken Alliance is presented in stunning full 1080p HD and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. The game is set for a July release on the Xbox 360. For more information, visit the official website at

Steven Hopper
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