Darkspore Delayed, Open Beta Scheduled Before New Release

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Darkspore is the latest game to be delayed after a number of studios announced their titles are being pushed back. Originally set for March 29, Spore's brother-in-law has been put back to April 26 in North America and April 28 in Europe. The delay comes in light of developers requiring more time to properly incorporate feedback from the closed beta.

"We’ve received really positive feedback about the game, as well as some suggestions of things you’d like to see," the studio said on their official site. "We’re really close, but in order to make the best game possible, the team has decided to take additional time to incorporate more of your feedback."

To make up for the delay, more betas have been announced for those who missed out the previous one, as well as confirmation of an open beta in April, before the game's release. Maxis Software seem really keen in getting the game right straight from the get-go, a trait that is rarely seen nowadays as evidenced by constant patches and updates to even the biggest titles currently on shelves.

Maxis need to get it right, because the game has a wealth of features including four-player co-op, an in-depth hero editor, and extensive PvP support. Plus, as Darkspore requires a "persistent internet connection," there's probably a ton of work that needs to be put into that as well as implementing feedback from thousands of beta users.

Stuart Macdonald
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