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Darksiders II Will Not Have Multiplayer


Vigil Games, the developer behind the original Darksiders, have been outspoken on the possibility of multiplayer being in the sequel. Fans of the game's single-player only aspect can breath a sigh of relief, though, as the developer revealed in an article with IGN that multiplayer will not be in Darksiders II.

Explaining why multiplayer will be absent, Marvin Donald, game director at Vigil Games, said, "[Multiplayer] has been something we've been wanting to do since DS1. You almost have to make four games. You've got completely different animation sets. It's 800 to 1000 animations for Death alone and they're all unique. One thing great about working with Joe [Madureira from Vigil Games] is that he comes up with awesome characters but they have completely different proportions, so you can't share any of the animations across them."

He continued, "It's not just a technical hurdle to build all the animation sets, but also because if Vigil was to do a multiplayer component, it'd be a priority to ensure it was done right. That means no copy-pasting of abilities between Horsemen. "Of course there's balancing with the different abilities. We're going to want them to play differently, so we wanted to spend some time developing each of the characters individually."

When asked if he hoped co-op would be present in the next game, Donald responded, "I hope the next one's co-op, but it just depends on the resources that are available, the size of the budget and whether or not Darksiders II does well. There are a lot of factors that are going to drive that. It's too soon to say."

Obviously multiplayer is on the horizon for the franchise, but the question remains, when will we see it?

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