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Darksiders II Revealed


This past weekend we reported on hints from THQ and Game Informer surrounding Darksiders II. Though mention of a sequel had been made in the past, we hadn't heard much about a second entry in the Zelda-esque series until just a few days ago. All of that changes today, as Game Informer revealed the cover of their July issue, which proudly boasts some Darksiders II art.

The second game will continue the tale of doom and destruction, but developer Vigil Games looks to make the whole thing a lot deeper from a gameplay standpoint. According to the gaming mag, you can expect to encounter and interact with important NPCs. There will also be a deep loot system that gamers can "experiment" with, according to Game Informer.

The first Darksiders was praised for successfully emulating the Zelda series and combining that gameplay style with a darker story and environment. It almost seems as if Vigil is trying to distance Darksiders II from the whole "Zelda clone" stigma. By adding some new elements and more action RPG-style gameplay, the developers may be able to do just that without the series losing its luster.

Game Informer subscribers will be receiving their copy of the July issue on June 7, the first day of E3. Individuals who attend the event are likely to see free copies of the magazine at the LA Convention Center, as well. If you want to read about the first details on Darksiders II, be sure to check out Game Informer's 10-page coverage of the game.

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