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Darksiders 2 News Imminent, Says THQ


Darksiders gained praise from gamers and critics for featuring solid fantasy action-adventure gameplay akin to The Legend of Zelda and God of War. The game borrowed heavily from its successors, and while some individuals may find fault in that, it's hard to dislike a game when it plays so well and emulates the gameplay of a massive success like Zelda. For some time now, gamers have been anticipating news regarding the game's sequel, and THQ is teasing a major reveal.

According to THQ Core Games head Danny Bilson, gamers can expect a big story on Darksiders 2. "Darksiders2 news coming in a big way," tweeted Bilson. "Well, a few big ways."

In addition to this tiny hint, Bilson also re-tweeted a post by Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief at Game Informer. According to McNamara, "Next week we get to show you the cover for our E3 issue, and I can't wait cause I am pretty freaking psyched. The cover art is amazing."

From the sounds of things, it seems that the next issue of Game Informer will feature some new details on Darksiders 2. There is also bound to be some notable reveal (and hopefully a playable demo) at E3 this year. It should be interesting to learn more about Darksiders 2 in the days leading up to E3 and at the actual event itself.

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