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Darksiders creative director confirms series ‘is not dead,’ possible updates coming soon


Creative Director Joe Madureira today announced that, in spite of its silence, the Darksiders series “is not dead,” and that the IP’s new owner Nordic Games is “very committed to continuing the series.”

Darksiders has been inactive since 2013, when THQ, who had originally headed the series, went under and the IP was purchased by Nordic Games. The shift came on the heels of the critically acclaimed Darksiders 2, which took the games in a decidedly dungeon-crawly direction as opposed to the pure hack-and-slash design of the original.  

Nordic Games is an Austria-based publishing house primarily focused in the computer and video games industries. The company has grown considerably more active in recent years and purchased multiple gaming IP. Most notably, the publisher acquired Darksiders, Destroy All Humans!, Red Faction and more during THQ’s bankruptcy auction.

With Horsemen Pestilence and Famine still woefully unexplored, a third and potentially fourth release have practically been spelled out for Nordic. With that said, how—and if—they handle the games remains to be seen. 

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