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Dark Souls Has Online Issues in Japan, Fix Coming Next Week


It seems the Japanese release of Dark Souls hasn't gone very smoothly. There have reportedly been some issues with the game's online functionality, and several gamers are experiencing freezes while connecting.

As you can probably guess, a lot of gamers are pretty annoyed by this. So what have they done to voice their anger? They've taken to the Japanese Amazon site and have been leaving negative ratings for Dark Souls.

Developer From Software has addressed the issue, stating that the source of the bug has been identified. The company will be working on a patch to alleviate these online issues. Japanese gamers can expect the patch to release sometime next week.

Here's hoping Dark Souls has a smooth launch here in North America. We don't need any pesky bugs giving us a hard time. No, we'd rather leave the source of our frustration and foul language up to the actual in-game content of Dark Souls.

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