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Dark Elves and High Elves Battle it Out in New Assets from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

November 13, 2007

Dark Elves and High Elves Battle it Out in New Assets from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

EA Mythic Releases Details for WAR's Swordmaster, Witch Elf and Shadow Warrior Player Careers Along with New Screenshots, Concept Art and Videos

EA Mythic released new information, screenshots, videos and concept art from their upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR). Featuring career profiles for the Witch Elf and Swordmaster classes, as well as a sneak peak at the bow-wielding Shadow Warrior, these new details are sure to please fans eagerly awaiting the title's 2008 release. Video content includes a new game trailer, plus first game play footage of Altdorf, the Empire capital city. Also featured are overviews of Chrace and the Blighted Isle - the starter zones for the Dark Elf and High Elf player armies - and hordes of new concept art.

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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC screenshots
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High Elf Army – The Shining Guard
The Shining Guard is the elite band of warriors charged with the defense of Ulthuan when the Phoenix King takes the armies of the High Elves west to aid the Empire. Led by the renowned warrior Prince Tyrion, the Guard is a small but highly skillful fighting force. Prince Tyrion personally selects the High Elves who are elevated to the ranks of the Shining Guard from among the best and bravest of the citizen militia. These prestigious warriors stand as an example of the highest honor that a High Elf in the militia can hope to achieve.

When word reaches Prince Tyrion that a great Dark Elf invasion fleet is on its way to Ulthuan, he leads the Shining Guard north to the Blighted Isle, guessing that the enemy fleet will attempt its first landing there. Sure enough, the leading Black Ark of the fleet makes landfall on the northern coast of the Isle, and the Shining Guard meet the invaders head-on.

The noble warriors of the Shining Guard do not lack for courage or prowess on the field of battle, but the scale of the dark Elves' invasion is massive. The situation seems hopeless, until word reaches Prince Tyrion that the Phoenix King is returning to Ulthuan with several legions of warriors. Now, the Guard must fight to stall the invaders and buy time for reinforcements to arrive.

Prince Tyrion knows that his casualties will be heavy, and his heart mourns for the brave soldiers that he will lose. For those who choose to fight in the face of such peril, however, there is great honor to be earned. Should the Shining Guard prevail and drive the vile Dark Elves from their home, they will be immortalized in songs and tales for centuries to come.

Dark Elf Army – House Uthorin
Of all the noble houses of the Dark Elves, few can boast the power and influence of House Uthorin. As patriarch and ruler of the house, Lord Uthorin is a master of intrigue and politics. Rumor holds that his eye is fixed firmly upon the Witch King's throne; if that is his ambition, he has wisely kept it hidden, preferring to play the role of loyal advisor.

Through cunning and treachery, Lord Uthorin's eldest son, Kaloth Coldshadow, earned for his House the privilege of drawing first blood when the Dark Elves attack Ulthuan. Along with every warrior of the House, the Black Ark Nemesis conveys Beastmasters and their fearsome creatures of war, fanatical devotees of the Temple of Khaine, and powerful masters of Dark Magic across the sea. The full might of his armies now gathered, Lord Uthorin chooses to strike first at the Blighted Isle, near the Altar of Khaine.

The Witch King has plans of his own, however. Well aware of Lord Uthorin's desire to rule the Dark Elves, Malekith commands Lady Arkaneth, Uthorin's most powerful rival, to land her invasion force on the Blighted Isle as well. The cold and calculating Witch King has pit two of his most powerful rivals against one other, so that both will be weakened by the conflict and post less of a threat to him.

Lord Uthorin will need every measure of cunning and skill that he possesses to outmaneuver Lady Arkaneth, the Witch King and the High Elves all at once. If he should succeed, the reward for those loyal to his House will be almost beyond measure.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Career Profile – Dark Elf Witch Elf

“Do not desire the touch of a Maibd, a bride of Khaine, for her life is wholly given to the Lord of Murder, and he is a jealous god, unwilling to share his chosen ones.”
-Ruerl Blackhand, Lord of Har Ganeth

Witch Elves are the maiden-elves who are wedded to Khaine, the Lord of Murder, in midnight rites of blood sacrifice and magic. The decadent fragile looks of the maidens of Ulthuan are nothing compared to the intoxicating beauty of the Witch Elves. Witch Elves go to war alongside the Dark Elf armies, eager to prove themselves in the eyes of their god. For them the battlefield is just another temple of Khaine, and the screams of the dying are praises sung in honor of the bloody-handed god.

Witch Elf Specialty

The brides of Khaine are fanatical fighters. Wielding long sacrificial daggers dripping with vile poisons, these incredibly quick and agile fighters race across the battlefield leaving blood and destruction in their wake. The more blood they spill, the greater their fervor for battle. As the Witch Elf’s Frenzy increases so do the incredible feats she can perform in battle. A Witch Elf at the height of her bloodlust can penetrate even the staunchest defenses.

Playing as a Witch Elf

A Witch Elf can be an unstoppable force of death and destruction under the proper circumstances. By picking their targets carefully, the Witch Elf can win a fight in a short amount of time. A Witch Elf prefers to rapidly close with lightly armored targets, where their wicked poisons can find exposed flesh. Using a combination of rapid attacks, the Witch Elf works herself up into a Frenzy to execute powerful attacks that will stop most opponents dead in their tracks. When facing a heavily armored foe, the Witch Elf relies on her agility to survive long enough to pick apart her opponent’s defenses and opening him up to a savage death blow.

Fighting the Witch Elf

The key to defeating a Bride of Khaine is not being overwhelmed by the beauty of her savage attack. When facing a Witch Elf the best counter to her tremendous offense is to respond in kind. The Witch Elves pay for their speed and agility by having virtually no defenses, and using this to you’re advantage is the key to success. One must either hold their ground allowing her Frenzy to play out, or match it in kind in the hopes that you can defeat her before she gifts you with the kiss of death.

Witch Elf look

  • Lightly armored and agile, capable of closing long distances rapidly
  • Wields long sacrificial daggers coated in deadly poisons
  • Armor is adorned with razor sharp hooks, and wickedly barbed metal plates

Based on Games Workshop's epic tabletop fantasy war game, WAR features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm game play and is scheduled for release on the PC in 2008. For more information, please visit

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