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Dark Souls PC petition grabs Namco's attention


PC gamers, Namco Bandai hears you.  After starting a petition to bring Dark Souls to PC, thanks to the advice of "shoupinou", the list has grown so much that it has been hard for Namco to ignore.  As of January 10th, the petition boasted over 54,000 signatures.  But has it done anything?

According to shoupinou, a Dark Souls administrator, the petition has caught the attention of Namco Bandai Games.

"I honestly wasn't expecting such a massive support," shoupinou said.  "My boss(es) even came to talk to me about this, after it explodes all around the world. If you wanted to have the attention of Namco Bandai Games, now you have it.  The future is in your hands, and I hope you will keep supporting this."

Currently the petition, which can be found here, has over 63,000 signatures.

Shoupinou has made it a personal objective to "make sure every relevant people in Namco Bandai Games is in touch with this formidable effort."

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