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Dark Souls PC petition continues to get signatures


People really want Dark Souls to get ported to the PC. While it's still unknown whether or not Namco Bandai will actually release the game for the platform remains to be seen, but it's obvious that there's an audience for it. As reported yesterday, a petition to bring Dark Souls to the PC was created, and there are plenty of signatures so far.

Yesterday, there were a staggering 37,501 signatures on the petition. Here we are one day later and the petition now boasts 54,534 and counting. That's a lot of followers, and a lot of individuals who want the deadly RPG ported to PC.

I'm the proud owner of Dark Souls for the PlayStation 3. And while I have yet to play the game on account of my unfinished copy of Demon's Souls, I plan on getting to both before the end of 2012. I have no intention of getting the game again, but for gamers who really want to play it on PC, I hope it happens for ya!

Namco Bandai doesn't seem to have any intention of releasing the game for the PC, but you can never say never in these types of situations. If enough fans want it, it's possible that Dark Souls could come to the PC platform. Of course, that would open the flood gates for piracy, so you know Namco Bandai will approach this situation with extreme caution.

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