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Dark Souls fans crying out for PC port


If there's one thing I've learned about gamers, its that they have the ability to make just about anything spiral wildly out of control, as was the case today on the Namco Bandai forums. One forum poster inquired as to whether the company planned on ever porting their recent RPG hit Dark Souls to the PC, plenty of posters chiming in with disapointment when forum moderators said it wasn't likely. However, one of these moderators off-handedly commented that if the demand was there, Namco Bandai might consider it.

No, don't give them hope you fool...

Almost immediately, forum denizens set up an online petition in support of a PC version of Dark Souls, one which is now steadily approaching 10,000 signiatures despite being just seven hours old. We'll be waiting to hear Namco Bandai's official comment on whether they'll reconsider their stance given the obvious excitement of fans.

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