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This is purely rumormongering, but there are whispers going around talking about Dark Souls DLC; just what we needed… more ways to die and more frustration.  I kid, Dark Souls DLC sounds amazing.  Egmnow heard a rumor:

“A source close to the project told EGM that some form of expanded content is in the process of being finished up for Dark Souls, and will be released as DLC at some point in the first quarter of this year.”

Could it be true, could it be that easy?  That is all the rumor mentions though.  I have to admit, unnamed sources always leave me a bit unfulfilled in the hope department. 

There is a dilemma as well.  Does Dark Souls need DLC or is the game pretty complete as is?  While DLC would be fun, entertaining, and frustrating – does Dark Souls need it?  The game is only quasi-open world.  Once you beat it the game starts over on a harder setting.  DLC would require gamers starting from scratch or lading up the ole saved file.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since Dark Souls is awesome, but there is quite some time involved with that.  If you thought ahead, you may have had a saved file before the final boss.      

I’m personally conflicted.  Essentially more Dark Souls means more Dark Souls and that’s amazing.  Would I purchase this DLC?  Absolutely.

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