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Dark Souls 2 sold 700% faster than the original in its first month


Namco Bandai’s Financial Highlights report for the 2014 fiscal year has revealed that Dark Souls 2 has done more than kill players faster: it’s also outselling the original significantly.

After its release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11, Dark Souls 2 moved 1.2 million copies in the remainder of the month. The original Dark Souls only reached that figure after nearly six months—from its October 4, 2011 release through March 31, 2012 (again shown by fiscal reports).

What’s more impressive, though, is that the already impressive figure does not account for the game’s PC counterpart which released April 25—after the report was completed. Releasing to critical acclaim across the board—our own Mike Splechta calls it the definitive edition of the game—the PC version undoubtedly represents a sizeable chunk of sales despite its initial hardware blunders, meaning 1.2 million may in fact be a modest estimate.

But really, would it be a Dark Souls PC release if it didn’t start buggy enough to put even Bethesda to shame?

Austin Wood
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