Dark Souls 2 on PS3 experiencing server issues

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Praise the sun! Dark Souls II is officially out and that means players will know what it's like to die over and over and over... you get the point.

However, not everything is so rosy for PS3 players. FromSoftware has posted an update on their official Dark Souls page stating that the servers have been experiencing issues connecting players.

Here is the official message:

Dark Souls II for PS3 is currently experiencing occasional difficulty with some online matching features. NAMCO BANDAI Games is currently working with FromSoftware to address all difficulties and will provide an update shortly.
Thank you for your understanding.

That means if you were hoping to start invading or engaging in jolly cooperation, you'll have to wait just a bit longer for that feature to become available. But take it both from me and Andrew, our reviewer, that the game is just as fantastic without the online portion.

Also make sure to check back to our review when we give it our final score and thoughts once we got to experience the full online capabilities.

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