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Dark Souls 2 graphics comparable to Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs

As we head into 2013, and the inevitable coming of next-gen consoles, two specific titles come to mind: Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs. Both titles have already been confirmed for an Xbox 360 and PS3 release, but both have marked a tremendous leap in graphical improvements for current gen consoles. Though this milestone has been lauded by fans early on, it's also drawn some impatience among the industry with many clamoring for the release of the next-gen Xbox and PS3.

It seems, when it comes to graphical standards, these two games are the cornerstone moving forward. This was evidenced in the latest issue of Edge Magazine in which the graphics of Dark Souls 2 were described as an "athletic leap forward in terms of graphical fidelity."

"There was an endearing shonkiness to the visual presentation of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls," the feature states. "You never sensed photorealism was a virtue the team held in particularly high regard."

"Dark Souls 2, by contrast, looks effortlessly ready for the next generation of consoles, on a par with the fidelity of, say, Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313."

Dark Souls 2 was officially unveiled during the 2012 VGAs with a brief teaser trailer. The trailer didn't show much in terms of gameplay or details, but issue 249 of Edge Magazine is chalk full of them. You can buy it online today.
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