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Dark is a new stealth vampire game that asks you 'who is Eric Bane'

You wake up and don’t know who you are. You’re a vampire. The name Eric Bane burns in your head. Are YOU Bane? Were you born in the shadows or did you nearly adapt to them? In Kalypso’s upcoming stealth title, Dark, you will scour around in both physical and mental darkness looking for the truth about both the present and the past.

You are Eric Bane, the ultimate killer. This game combines stealth elements with the abilities of the undead vampire. You will hide in the shadows, stalk your prey, suck the blood for victims, and murder your foes in the way that fits your play style. The enhanced AI of your foes will do their best to thwart your attempts at success. But when it all boils down to it, you’re a freaking vampire and have the edge over your meals.

The environments will keep up with the creep factor by putting you in castles, museums, skyscrapers, nightclubs, and other 3D cel-shaded graphics. Check out the video above and prepare for Dark

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