Dark Horse collaborating with THQ on Darksiders II prequel comic

Darksiders II Screenshot - Darksiders II prequel comic

THQ is working with Dark Horse Comics to provide a prequel comic for customers who preorder the Darksiders II: Angel of Death edition exclusively at Best Buy.

The comic, Darksiders II: Death’s Door, features a cover illustrated by game creator Joe Madureira. The story occurs before the events of Darksiders II, as protagonist Death visits Earth to hunt down a rogue demon.

Writer Andrew Kreisberg (Batman Confidential, Fox's Fringe) and artist Roger Robinson (Batman: Arkham City, Azrael) are assigned to the issue.

Angel of Death is a Best Buy-specific bonus for the collector's and limited editions of the game. It includes the ashcan comic; an enhanced armor and weapon set; a colored FX trail for your crow, Dust; and the "Argul's Tomb" expansion.

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