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Dante's Inferno Explores a New Circle! The 9th of Every Month!

June 10, 2009

Dante's Inferno Explores a New Circle! The 9th of Every Month!

Live now on the site:

The Limbo Developer Diary:  

This is the first in a series of Video Developer Diaries we will be rolling out over the coming months. Take a look behind the scenes of Dante’s Inferno. This video focuses on the beginning of Dante’s Journey and his Entry in to Hell, as well as The Divine Comedy’s inspiration for the game and the core themes that drive the story, design and gameplay of Dante’s Inferno.

E3 2009 Video Interview With Jonathan Knight:  

We shot this video interview at the end of the final day of E3 last week inside our private demo room, empty for the first time since the show opened. Take a look and get Executive Producer Jonathan Knight's perspective on the show, as well as his thoughts on what we showed at E3 and what we will be showing here in the coming months!

New Developer Blog from Lead Designer Steven Desilets:  

Lead Designer Steven Desilets talks about the challenge and the opportunity of designing Hell as real location “teeming with life,” and allowing the player to become “an active participant in what happens to the poor suckers that found themselves in a very bad place.”

In the coming months we will be unveiling a new Circle of Hell at on the 9th of every month. This means not only a new site theme, but all new content, new videos, new downloads and a new interactive feature, debuting July 9th, called “Explore Hell.”

Explore Hell

Explore Hell allows visitors to the Dante’s Inferno site to explore the landscape, characters and torments of each of the 9 circles of Hell through a series of interactive paintings. Famous shades (or damned souls) guide the visitor through the circle, introducing them to demons, creatures, other shades and the unique architecture and geography of their eternal prison.

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