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Damn nature, you scary: SOLAR ERUPTIONS


Why are our destroyers always so beautiful while being so damn terrifying?  NASA recently caught footage of our Sun firing off a solar flare.  This is a massive explosion coming off the Sun itself that just fires off into the void that is space.  INTO THE VOID OF SPACE!

Just how big of an explosion is it?  Solar flares have been clocked in at 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT.  That number is so large that I have no way of comparing it to anything else.  It’s massive though; so large, so explosive, so potentially world ending.  This makes fire tornadoes look like a joke.

I’ll admit though, the solar eruption is pretty.  The pretty ones are always the most dangerous though.  Check out the video below and start stacking fire resist (hint: it won’t help).


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