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Damn nature, you scary: angry black holes


I don’t understand space.  I don’t pretend to; it’s vast, evil, and mysterious.  I know that black holes are vortexes of pure murdering phenomenon.  I’ve seen enough science fiction movies to confirm this.  If black holes aren’t bad enough, apparently black holes can also get angry and shoot X-ray flares all over the damn place.

These flares can outshine their output by one hundred times, how is that even possible?  These ill-tempered really old black holes aren’t taking the aging process nicely.  They are mad.  On top of that, these flares aren’t even really shining.  What’s REALLY occurring is that these flares are being sucked down into the void of the black hole and this is causing rubbing with itself.  What?  This process emits radiation before it is destroyed – that is what is showing. 

One tiny thing I forget to mention… this angry black hole is the black hole IN THE CENTER OF OUR OWN GALAXY!  Yea, this angry, old, stubborn, venerable black hole is our own.  I don’t like it, I don’t like where this is going.  Sleep well.



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