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Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant buys PS4s for lucky Walmart shoppers

Dez Bryant

Making use of his time off during the Dallas Cowboys bye week, Dez Bryant, the team's star wide receiver, decided to head to Walmart late last night to pick up his PlayStation 4 at launch. And in doing so, he bought PlayStation 4 systems for at least four other people.

Twitter user BRedLove first posted a picture of Dez at a local Dallas Walmart alongside one of the people whom he bought a console for.

Following the initial post, BRedLove tweeted another image, this time of her friend's status on Facebook confirming that Dez Bryant had bought him a system. Here's how it apparently went down:

"Myself and three others were the first five in-line waiting for the release. All of a sudden we all noticed Dez Bryant chatting with one of hte sales associates. He came over to the line of about 6 people and just said that he would purchase four PS4 and one for himself. He then handed over the cash for four of us and one for himself.

It wasn't a big entrance or anything Dez was clearly being nice and in the the giving spirit. His personality was that of a Gentleman and he was very down to earth and Humble. A real stand up guy. In and out as he wasn't trying to get kudos. He even stopped and took multiple pics for a few workers and fans."

Say what you want about Bryant's on-the-field, and sometimes off-the-field antics, but I believe he is a genuinely good person. These are the type of feel-good stories I enjoy reporting. If only we could have more of them.

This doesn't mean I've forgiven the Cowboys for laying an egg last Sunday night. Hopefully Dez and the rest of the Cowboys players use the PS4 to play Madden and gameplay for the New York Giants on November 24th.

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