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D3Publisher adapting Cartoon Network's Regular Show next

Regular Show

Following its release of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!, D3Publisher is planning another game based on a popular Cartoon Network show.

The game will follow Mordecai, a tall anthropomorphic bluejay, and his best friend Rigby the raccoon, who work and live at a public park. Their friends and co-workers Pops, Margaret, and Muscle Man will appear alongside other characters.

"As a brand, Regular Show is tailor-made for an interactive release, with main characters who spend their time slacking off, playing video games, or involved in hijinks that are certainly worthy of being in a game,” said Pete Yoder, the vice president of consumer products for Cartoon Network Enterprises, in a press statement. “With a show creator who loves games working closely with a partner that has proven success creating high-quality licensed titles, we’re excited to release our first Regular Show game later this year.”

Adventure Time for Nintendo 3DS and DS was a fun little game that mimicked Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, but it was too repetitive and short.

Both cartoons have been host to bizarre characters and scenarios, so with any luck, D3 will improve on what it started last year.

The publisher has not announced a developer or release information, including platforms, but 3DS is a strong possibility.

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