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D20Studios Releases Hero Mages, a Free Online Strategy Game

September 22, 2009

D20Studios Releases Hero Mages, a Free Online Strategy Game

Indie developer D20Studios is proud to release Hero Mages, an exciting new turn-based strategy game that blends the best elements of miniature, card, and social board gaming. Hero Mages allows players from around the globe to assemble, command, and lead their own party of fantasy heroes to victory with ease from the convenience of their web browser. Hero Mages is entirely free to play and can be found at

Equipped with a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells, up to four players take turns moving and attacking with their chosen team of three heroes as they fight to control the fate of Papillion, a once peaceful land now at war after the foretelling of a mysterious prophecy. One of these heroes is a formidable magician with the power to unlock potent magical abilities. Unleash the wrath of the elements. Summon heinous creatures. Manipulate the world's environment itself. Eliminate your enemies and emerge victorious as the fated Hero Mage!

Hero Mages comes fully equipped with highly detailed animated characters and spells, diverse and beautifully rendered landscapes, battle-charged sound effects, an epic musical score, detailed game statistics records and a skill based leaderboard! Fast playtimes allow players to get their gaming fix in minutes, not hours, while diverse characters, abilities, and game types offer limitless opportunities for creative strategies and intense, climatic struggles. No two games are the same! For a small fee, the game also offers premium features, such as additional characters as well as a map editor that allows players the ability to create their own custom levels.

Hero Mages, the premier turn-based strategy game by D20Studios, LLC, is entirely free to play, and available now at

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