Custom TMNT Nintendo Entertainment System revealed just before the movie ruins the name

Screenshot - 1168029

Platinum Fungi, the modders behind the classic shell-themed TMNT console seen in 2013, have once again brought their skills and their favorite turtles to Nintendo’s progenitor, culminated in this custom-etched system.

“Weeks of planning, over 500 messages, 150+ man hours of labor, countless mockups and revisions, working all hours of the day and night, and a lot of love went into this tribute that honors the original black and white TMNT comic books,” Fungi said in a recent Facebook post.

It’s the little things that make this build shine, though. The design emblazoned upon the console was done by hand; audio and video ports are decaled to match the aesthetic; the backlighting highlighting the gorgeous etching is based on an entirely new lighting system.

Truly a worthy tribute to the heroes in a half-shell. 

[Facebook via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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