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Custom TMNT NES on ebay for over $1000


File this under the 'I don't need it but really want it' category. This custom made NES put together and designed by Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently sitting on Ebay for $1275

Fitzpatrick has been working with backlight NES systems since 2009 and has since then improved his technique. This TMNT NES is the first and only of its kind, having a #001 and signature from Fitzpatrick himself, certifying authenticity.

This auction is for the 'Backlit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles system, 4 custom official NES controllers,  an official NES power supply, a power supply for the backlighting, and an AV cable. The system has been internally cleaned and has a NEW 72 pin connector installed so it plays games like new again too. No more blowing on the carts! 

For the past few years, I've been creating 'Backlit NES' systems. I had the idea back in 2009 but at that time I really had no idea how to turn my idea into a reality. Slowly but surely since then I have experimented and improved my techniques with each system I built. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles system is the newest and most advanced one yet! 

To my knowledge, no one has ever created something like this before, so it is currently the FIRST and ONLY of its kind in the ENTIRE WORLD.  

Not only is the NES system modeled after the terrific TMNT Arcade Game, the controllers, all four of them, are colored to look like their TMNT counterparts.


Got a few thousand burning up a hole in your pocket and want a one of a kind retro console that only you will have? By all means, enter the bidding war right here.

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