Curt Schilling's bloody sock to be auctioned off to help pay off 38 Studios' debt

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The famous 'bloody sock" worn by 38 Studios founder and legendary Red Socks pitcher Curt Schilling in Game 2 of the 2004 World Series will be auctioned off to help repay some of the debts owed by the game studio to the state of Road Island.

Last year the company responsible for bringing us Kingdoms of Amalur defaulted on a $75 million loan which was offered as an incentive to relocate the studio from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. As the story goes, 38 Studios was unable to repay the debt and eventually filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Documents at the time suggested the company owned $100 million, but the debt was expected to be much more substantial.

Online bidding will begin around February 4, while live bidding will take place on February 23. If you want to own a piece of baseball and video game history, expect to cough up quite a bit of dough. The Associated Press estimates the bloody sock to sell for at least $100,000. Though that's hardly enough to cover what is owed.

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