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Curiosity winner will only be supreme ruler of Godus temporarily


Curiosity's lucky winner Bryan Henderson, the only person to see the inside of the cube, won't be the god of Godus forever. Developer 22Cans is still deciding on the details.

As designer Peter Molyneux announced earlier this week, Henderson will set the rules for the god sim and even receive a portion of the game's earnings. It's a cool prize, for sure, but it seems like a risky move.

22Cans realizes that and is taking appropriate actions. Molyneux told Rock, Paper, Shotgun, "It didn’t seem right to me that Bryan would be god of gods for all time. It seems right to me that he has a period of time to be god of gods, and that can’t just be a few days. It needs to be substantial. And in that time, many things could happen."

The creator estimates that a year would be long enough for the experiment, but that "grace period" could change depending on feedback from Kickstarter backers during alpha and beta testing, which starts very soon.

Molyneux added, "And then we’ll unveil the ability to usurp the god of gods and replace him with someone else. That someone else will then take on all of Bryan’s powers."

22Cans is putting those abilities on a leash, thankfully. "What they aren’t going to be is carte blanche uncontrolled, unrefined decisions that would throw the balance of the game out entirely," said Molyneux. "Bryan can absolutely request something to happen, and we’ll make our best effort to do it. But he can’t decide everybody in Canada will explode or anything like that. There are limits to his power.”

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