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Crytek reveals new IP, HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Crytek sure is busy. In addition to the recently announced Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek is also working on a brand new IP called HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

Making its debut at E3 next week, HUNT is a third-person action game "where players band together to fend off an onslaught of bloodthirsty creatures and track down breathtaking bosses." It is the debut title from Crytek USA Corp., Crytek's Austin-based studio that is headed by CEO David Adams, the former GM and co-owner of Darksiders developer Vigil Games.

"Set in the late 1800s, HUNT depicts a world where so-called myths and folklore actually point to the terrifying truth about evil lurking just beyond the fringes of day-to-day life," Crytek explained. "Players act as hunters willing to take up arms and risk their necks by venturing into the deadliest of territories and facing the hideous creatures that have overrun them."

It sounds as though HUNT will make use of a special content generation system that will ensure you'll never encounter the same environment or set of enemies twice. "As the surprises come thick and fast, the terror of knowing that one of the game's grueling boss battles could be just around the corner will keep everyone's pulses pounding. Defeating bosses will require close collaboration between hunters as they attempt to figure out and take down some truly terrifying monsters," Crytek added.

"From the outset of the development process, we've poured our imaginations into the game so that everyone who plays HUNT will discover a challenging experience that feels fresh, captivating and rich in possibilities," said Adams. Crytek released a brief teaser trailer to accompany today's announcement, but a more lengthy reveal will shown at E3 next week.

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age is said to be coming to PC and "consoles" which I'm assuming means PS4 and Xbox One, with the possibility of PS3 and Xbox 360. No release window was given, which is fine because I'm assuming it will get delayed anyway. All games get delayed these days. Closed beta testing for the PC version is set to begin later this year however. You can sign up here.

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