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Cryptic No Man's Sky packages talk a lot about portals

Portals to other dimensions? Previously discovered galaxies?

It was previously detailed that 16 individuals received a package from the No Man's Sky developer, Hello Games, which contained one cassette tape and various merchandise. One of the items in the package mentioned "giant gateways" and teased that something was coming.

The folks with the tapes have been hard at work deciphering what the tapes contained and while a lot of it was the same content, there were some hidden gems. 

The audio from one of the cassettes was made into a sequence in spectrograph, 706s7274616p, which turned out to be a valid hexadecimal value. A user took the value and converted HEX to ASCII which turned out to say one thing, "Portal."

It turns out that most of the B-sides of the tapes all come out to the same value, which means they all say 'Portal.' Some users believe there are traces of human voices hidden in the cassettes saying things, one of which is "The portals... Ken, they f**king work."

The speculation on what Hello Games is saying has settled on this being a tease for a 'Portals' DLC. Portals are in the game at the moment, though hard to find. Perhaps this update will bring a functionality to them. 


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