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CryEngine 3 Powering U.S. Army Training Sim


Dismounted Soldier is a new project from the U.S. Army. It is a $57 million dollar training sim powered by CryEngine 3, Crytek's game engine that powers Crysis 2. Its goal is to simulate a wide variety of scenarios related to both war and peacetime operations.

“The goal of Dismounted Soldier is to provide our deploying soldiers with the best available training to ensure that they maintain the military advantage,” said Intelligent Decisions president and CEO Harry Martin. “Intelligent Decisions is uniquely qualified to respond to the constantly evolving needs of our armed forces through virtual simulation and training and we look forward to working closely with the Army to achieve their strategic vision. Without question, the Army will be the ultimate influencer and decision maker for the system so that we can realize their long-term goals.”

Gamasutra reports that Dismounted Soldier will use a virtual reality-style set-up. Trainees will wear a VR helmet with head tracking and surround sound. Body sensors and hand-held weapons complete the immersion.

The CryEngine itself will be used to create realistic scenes and facial animations. “A blank, expressionless face has little training value and can actually introduce negative training,” stated a press release for the sim.

Now if only we could get to play it.

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