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Croagunk announced for Pokken Tournament Arcade

Where's Empoleon?

Croagunk announced for Pokken Tournament Arcade

First Darkrai, then Scizor, and now Emp—Wait, what? Croagunk!? But he's already in the game!

That's right, Bandai Namco has thrown a bit of a curveball with the latest Pokemon announced for Pokken Tournament arcades. Fans have been speculating that Empoleon was coming: It was added to the Wii U data months ago, along with the since confirmed Darkrai and Scizor. Seeing Croagunk, who was already in the game as an assist Pokemon, is one of those rare, legitimate surprises.

This is also pretty big news, because 1) It could mean Pokken Tournament is going to get more characters than we were lead to believe, and 2) It means that a Pokemon being introduced as a support does not close the door on the possibility of it being a possible fighter. Bring on Dragonite and Ninetails I say!

Croagunk makes its debut as a fighter in Pokken Tournament arcades on November 10, and who the hell knows if/when Wii U will get these new additions now. Could a Switch version be coming? Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts on the latest addition and possible ports/updates you'd like to see.

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