Crimson Dragon gameplay footage captured after game leaks on Xbox LIVE

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Earlier today a demo of Crimson Dragon was prematurely released on the Japanese Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It wasn't long before Microsoft noticed the flub and quickly removed it, but the demo was up long enough for someone to download and play it. Not only that, but the person managed to capture footage of the gameplay and posted it online for everyone to enjoy.

For those unfamiliar, Crimson Dragon is a rail shooter that utilizes the Xbox 360's Kinect peripheral. The dragon's homing-projectile attacks are controlled with the player's right and left hands.

In the video you'll see dragons weaving through clouds and narrow canyons. Players start with control over Blood Skin, a dragon that shoots plasma rays. As the game progresses, players will unlock other mounts, such as Dark Shoulder — a dragon that blasts a Fire Cannon — and Snow Wing — which specializes in a Lightning Arrow attack.

Crimson Dragon was originally slated to release in Japan on June 13, 2012, but was delayed indefinitely for some unknown reason. Judging from the demo being made available, it shouldn't be long before we see the game launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Crimson Dragon Demo Playthrough by All-Games-Beta

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