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Crimson Dragon 4GB patch adds multiplayer and 'Insane' difficulty

Crimson Dragon

A new content patch is available for Crimson Dragon that should make anyone playing it a little happier.

The 4GB update introduces online multiplayer to the Xbox One exclusive rail shooter, which debuted Nov. 22. It also adds a difficulty setting called "Insane" ... you can probably imagine how tough that might be.

Director Yukio Futatsugi rebalanced the game before launch in response to criticisms about the difficulty and overuse of microtransactions. Those who find "Insane" intimidating can opt for "Casual" or "Classic" instead, whose difficulties the developers tweaked to better match their descriptions.

The developers also increased the amount of experience players earned from missions and failures, lowered the costs of items, and made jewels (in-game currency) more readily available.

Crimson Dragon is currently on sale in the Xbox Store. It's priced down to $20 until Feb. 4.

Via: PlayXBLA

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