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Creators of Driveclub discuss the game's connectivity in new video


The community development manager at Evolution Studios took to PlayStation blog to post a video of a conversation with the creators of DriveclubDriveclub is the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game that creates an shared experience of the world's best cars and fastest roads, all in a connected community. With Driveclub, the community isn't driven by status updates; it's about "sending and playing challenges and always racing together to achieve more." It's a game that with the PS4, design director Simon Barlow described as "a perfect storm."

Evolution Studios game director Matt Southern said, "One of the things that we really liked was this idea that this was for an integrated, social generation of gamer who are now used to immediacy, connectivity and an untethered relationship with their video games where they are in touch with those game worlds, whether they're on the bus, at work, 24/7."

In Driveclub, players are to race in clubs, both competitively and collaboratively. There will be a range of social connections; you'll be able to see all of your PlayStation Network friends, but also all of their connections inside the game. Players create their own events and build a community with the tools the developers have given them. The core of Driveclub, any time that you set, score you set, anything you do in the game, you can pass it on to strangers and challenge them to beat it. With challenges able to be passed along in the community, there's the potential for challenges to go viral.

Driveclub is for a bunch of people that love cars, racing, that want to compete together and collaborate together. It's for everyone, with easy access but difficult to master.

To watch the whole video, visit PlayStation Blog.

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