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Create your soldier, your squad in Call of Duty: Ghosts

call of duty: ghosts soldier customization

Mark Rubin, executive producer of Infinity Ward, expanded on some of the changes to Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer. He mentioned that everything in multiplayer got touched, and it's the biggest overhaul of multiplayer that they've done since Modern Warfare.

It all starts with you creating a soldier. In Ghosts, you don't just create a class; you create a soldier. Players are empowered to customize who they are. The first thing you do is pick what you look like -- head, body type, gender. You're allocated a budget for your loadout, like primary weapon, secondary, grenades and attachments, but it doesn't include your perks or killstreaks. 

Perks have their own set of points. Each perk has a set point value ranging from one to five, and you have eight points to spend. You can have up to 11 points if you choose not to have a secondary weapon or grenades.

The announcement of no more death streaks drew some applause, but let's talk about the changes to killstreaks. The Assault, Support and Specialist Strike Packages are still there, but there are less air-based killstreaks in favor of more in-your-face ground-based ones. For example, UAV will not be in the air enemy, so the enemy doesn't need special weapons to take it out. It adds more strategy on when to use it. They also showed off the killstreak that has the dog, Riley, as your companion, warning you when enemies are close. One other thing: you can gain killstreaks not just through kills, but through objectives, as well. 

There are over 30 new weapons in Ghosts -- an 80 percent overhaul from MW3. A new class of weapons is being introduced in Ghosts -- Marksman Rifles. It bridges the gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles. 

Lastly, you can create a squad of 10 soldiers, each with their own unlocks, customization and experience. They can each prestige once, but you keep everything you've unlocked. That's 10 soldiers, with one level per soldier, equaling 10 levels of prestige. The best part is that you can choose what weapons you want to unlock in any order you want. 

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