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Court Approves Jury Trial in Activision vs. EA Suit


When Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella broke from Activision to form Respawn Entertainment, you'd of wished the two parties could've parted amicably. Instead, the duo claimed Activision had screwed them out of royalties for their work on the wildly popular FPS, while Activision claimed the two had no legal right to break contract and form a new studio at Electronic Arts. Now it seems the California Superior Court believes Activision may have a case, allowing them to proceed with a lawsuit again Electronic Arts for having stolen away their two prized horses.

This doesn't mean either side is right or wrong, just that a judge has decided the case is valid and should be heard. Activision is seeking $400 million dollars from EA for contract tampering, and... well, we're not laywers, but that sounds like something you're not supposed to do. Check out the full story on Yahoo News, and do let us know if you've got an opinion on who's in the right here.

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