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Country Battle of World of Kung Fu 1.0.33 Version

March 27, 2008

Country Battle of World of Kung Fu 1.0.33 Version

There are several countries located on the middle land. It’s a mysterious land of length and breadth, a land of heroes and legends and a land of Kung Fu masters.

Zhou, Liang, Wei and Zheng, which country do you belong to? Do you want to be the king of your country and protect it from being invaded?

The new patch of the World of Kung Fu will bring us the brand new system: Country Battle! Each player will be able to join a country by talking to the Country Census Ministers. And then he is able to participate in the county battle and fight with other countries’ citizens in the battle field. Every week, there will be a server announcement reading ‘The country battle will begin!’ so that players can get ready for the battle.

In the battle field, if a country’s leader, that is, the King of the country is defeated,his whole country will lose the country battle. The King of the country is selected by the system automatically every week from those citizens vie for the king. He should be above Level 40 and reach certain requirement of country reputation. The King of country can give all the citizens powerful buffs and have other privilege in the game. But when he is defeated outside the town, he will lose more reputation of his country.

So, raise the reputation of your country and sharpen your weapons. Prepare for the country battle in World of Kung Fu 1.0.33.

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