Counter-Strike Global Offensive gets an update, patch notes released

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Just a few days after its launch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received an update. Just one of the benefits for having the game on Steam, I suppose.

The update contains your typical bug fixes and makes a few changes to gameplay and the community features. Here's the list of changes (via Steam):


  • Exposed a classic dynamic crosshair style in the options that represents the weapons spread accurately.
  • Implemented first person client flinching. Now a player gets aim punched a bit when shot. The amount is based on the damage.
  • Increased amount of tagging that results from hits.


  • Fixed the scoreboard turning toggleable in the end match state.
  • fixed not being able to bring up the pause menu without dismissing the scoreboard in the end match state.
  • Parallelized matchmaking results analysis process and reduced time game takes to perform matchmaking.
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm giving more weight to dedicated servers ping during matchmaking results analysis.


  • Removed the implicit dependency on round-limited matches so servers that want to use mp_timelimit instead can. Mp_timelimit is used only if mp_maxrounds is set to 0.
  • Exposed mp_forcecamera convar.
  • Exposed set of server hibernate convars.
  • Fixed code that was preventing mapper-placed weapons.
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