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Could a 7.85 inch iPad be in store for October?


Andy Hargreaves is predicting that, this October, Apple will release a new iPad ‘mini.’  It’s just like an iPad… but it’s well… smaller.  Instead of the standard 9.7 inch screen, this mini will have a 7.85 inch screen.  So hey, if the iPhone isn’t big enough and the iPad is just too big, Apple has the compromise you didn’t know you wanted. 

On top of all this, Hargreaves predicts that 10 million of these bad boys will sell by the end of 2012; so yea, 10 million in three months.  These 8 GB flash memory minis are predicted to be sold for $299. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an Apple product, and therefore it will sell – I do not doubt this for a moment.  I can foresee people with new iPhones and iPads camping outside of retail stores, using their iPhones and iPads, just to get their hands on these tiny titans of the tablet world. 

For those not interested in this petite parcel of technology, you can practically guarantee Apple will refurbish and cannibalize the already existing iPads to try to drive sales up for the larger model.  You better believe that there will be plenty of options to get all of your specific iPad needs.        

In conclusion, this October is predicted to be the month of iPads.  So in case you haven’t picked one up yet or just want to add yet another to your collection – here is something to think about.


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