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Costume Quest Lands on Steam in Time for Halloween


Last year, Costume Quest provided gamers with an enjoyable RPG romp themed around costumes, monsters, and candy. The game was released for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in late October, so it came in time for the lovely holiday of Halloween. Here we are a year later, and Double Fine has just released the game on Steam, once again in time for Halloween.

You can purchase Costume Quest for just $14.99 right now. That's a reasonable price for a download, but Double Fine has made sure to add a nice little perk for all you Steam gamers. When you buy Costume Quest, you'll snag a free copy of the Grubbins on Ice DLC. That's just plain sweet!

Halloween is an awesome holiday coming at an incredible time of the year. You can literally feel the change in seasons during October, and there's nothing quite like finding a cool game to play around that time. Costume Quest is a great candidate because, heck, it has costumes and candy in it!

If you never got the chance to play Costume Quest before, there's no time like the present. Check it out and get in the spirit of Halloween! Unless you hate happiness, in which case you should avoid this game altogether.

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