Corpse eating ravens will make surviving H1Z1 even more difficult

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The birds in H1Z1 can now eat, making your survival in SOE's upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie MMO even harder. As you may recall, last week SOE shared a short clip showcasing "preliminary flying behavior" of birds in H1Z1. Admittedly, the bird logic was "very prelminary" at the time, with very little tuning performed. 

But things are coming along, as evidenced by an updated video shared yesterday. The latest video is, once again, about the birds, but this time shows off the new flock corpse-finding and feeding behaviors. Check it out below.

Pretty awesome stuff, right?

"The number of animals in a collective varies. I had ravens set pretty high for that test," said programmer Mitch Evans. He later went on to explain that dead animals in H1Z1 will progress through "corpse states," of there there will be several off by the time the team is done. Right now, there's only the "dead on ground" state, but eventually we'll have the "partially picked carcass" and "just bones" states along with a few others.

It sounds like ravens in H1Z1 will make survival in this brutal post-apocalyptic world even tougher as Evans explained that they can "easily make the birds hasten the progression through the corpse states by eating the meat, reducing what's available for the player to harvest." 

Community manager Greg Henninger added that the plan for bird behavior is to have them fly away when you run up, but keep circling a corpse if you're too close.

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