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Contest: Share your best gaming moment for a chance to win Rift Storm Legion


To some, gaming is a waste of time but to those of us who are gamers at heart know the truth, gaming isn't just awesome - it's epic. 

Epic games aren't a dime among a dozen but any game, good or bad, supplies us with some badass moments.

I want to hear your most amazing badass moments, it doesn't matter whether it was on an old game or a new game; whether or not your friends agreed to your badassery. What I want to hear what left you feeling awesome.

Why do I want to hear your stories? Well, because the top three stories will win a prize!

What are the prizes?

First place: Rift Storm Legion

Second place: Rift

Third place: Rift Storm Legion bag

So, tell your tales friends and win some prizes.

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