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ContentID claims got you down? Check out these studios' copyright rules for YouTube

YouTube Copyright Claim

YouTube has become public enemy ever since its harsh policy change, which now tries to match ContentIDs with affiliates and mark their videos as violation of copyright. The good news is, developers and studios aren't really keen to this new rule. Let's face it, a lot of what YouTube content creators make is generally free press for studios.

There have already been numerous studios stating their opposition to these claims such as Blizzard and Ubisoft.

You can check out a summary of their rules here, or head on over to their page to get the detailed information.

Ubisoft: Read the full press release here

  • Do not take assets from our games (e.g. voice, music, items) and distribute them separately.
  • Unless approved by us, the use of our content in videos must be non-commercial.
  • Do not charge users to view or access your videos.
  • Do not sell or license your videos to others for a payment of any kind.
  • Behave like a decent human being. Absolutely no racist, sexist, homophobic, or offensive content.
  • Please keep your videos focused on our games, and away from overtly controversial topics.

Blizzard: Read the full press release here

Note that Blizzard Entertainment's restriction that Productions be limited to "non-commercial" uses also means that you may not license a Production you have created to another company for a fee, or for any other form of compensation, without specific written permission from Blizzard Entertainment to do so. Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to use its products for all commercial purposes. The only exceptions to this rule are if you participate in partner programs with YouTube,,,, or (the “Production Websites”) whereby a Production Website may pay you for views of a Production if you are accepted into their partner program.

Paradox: Read the full press release here

Drafted a legal PDF by their lawyers. You can download it here.

Deep Silver: Read the full press release here

Deep Silver has no intention of preventing players, who like to create gaming content on YouTube using our games, from doing so. Nor do we seek to block any videos of the kind. This includes Let's Play, Walkthrough, Review, or other edited or commentated videos that are monetized by a player. 

Whether your opinion of our games is positive or negative in your YouTube video, it is not our right as a games publisher to infringe on your basic right to voice your opinion freely using a public platform.

Valve: Read the full press release here

You are free to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites. Please don't ask us to write YouTube and tell them its fine with us to post a particular video using Valve content. It's not possible to respond to each such request. Point them to this page.

Of course this policy applies only to Valve content. If you include someone else's content in your video, such as music, you will have to get permission from the owner. 

Capcom: Tweet

While they didn't officially draft a copyright rule page, they have Tweeted to let them know if users are getting copyright claims:

YouTubers: Pls let us know if you've had videos flagged today. These may be illegitimate flags not instigated by us. We are investigating.

We'll be adding devs as they announce their stances on these policies.

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