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Confusing Tweet makes it sound like same account can be accessed from different PS4s at the same time


While we're less than a month away from the launch of the PlayStation 4, there seems to be a ton we still don't know about the console or simply don't realize. For instance, one of the features I didn't know existed, was that you can play games you own from your designated "home" console, while another console who is signed in as you, can access them as well.

In a tweet yesterday, President of Worldwide Studios Sony, Shuhei Yoshida, stated that very fact. Check out the tweet.

While it makes sense in theory, we can't quite wrap our heads around how it would work. If I'm signed in at home and playing my digital copy of Killzone Shadow Fall, and my buddy is signed in as me at his house and wants to play Sound Shapes, how on earth would PSN differentiate which one I'm actually playing?

Unless of course it only grants actually access to online features of each game to the "home" console, while booting up a game in the signed in console completely offline.

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